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Tiny clothes with BIG HEARTS

A little part of our clothes goes back to the community
Organic Cotton Baby Clothes -Social Project - Organic by Feldman
A little part of our baby clothes goes back to the community where it comes from: to the orphanage called: "Good Samaritan Children's Home" runned by the non-profit organisation "Good Samaritan Trust" in Umbergaon, Gujarat state of India, actually 2 KM away from the factory where our clothes are made.

The Good Samaritan is a non profit organisation, under the Indian Trust Act, which promotes social competencies across areas like: rural higher education, youth and women empowerment projects, sanitation and hygiene.
The orphanage takes care of 40 children that are coming from whole India, most of them come from broken families or were abandoned after birth.
Our production partner - Kiran and his wife Krutika - with a kind big hearth are helping the orphanage regularly since a while now, with both financially and materially with food and of course clothes. Good education and becoming responsible human beings is their biggest hope when helping this children.
We choose to produce in beautiful India because that is where the Organic Cotton comes from: there it is grown, harvested, transformed in soft fabrics that are then sewn to be these wonderful pure baby essentials, all under the strict certification of GOTS. But having social awareness and giving back to the community is equal important to us, that is why we are happy that Kiran is such an active "helping member" in his community.
When we asked him what drove him in helping the Orphanage, he honestly replied to us: "As I am coming from poor family back ground, I know what it takes to meet both ends when the resources are not easily available, I had always have a feeling of helping the needy." 
This is how people with the same goal come together and gives birth to "tiny clothes with big hearts" - all conscious and responsible for you and your baby :)
Thank you Kiran and Krutika