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Protective Forest
Just imagine hiking through the forest smelling the cool wet breeze and feel reborn.

Forests have the capacity of filling you with energy and calmness; it is also known that their leaves and roots have healing benefits and relaxing properties.

We chose some of this trees from all around the world and made a powerful pattern so that the wonderful properties from each tree would be passed on.


The protective Trees and their meaning:

    1. Oak: It is considered to be synonym to luck; power and courage and this meaning is to be found in writings all around the globe.
    2. Palm tree: The pursuit of goals. It’s a tree that cares for itself, it grows straight.
    3. Pine: It is associated with longevity because of its everlasting green color.
    4. Cedar: It preserves its green leaves all around the year, just like the Pine tree.
    5. Banana tree: Symbol of knowledge and self-discipline.
    6. Bodhi tree: The tree for perfect balance, it is called the tree of wisdom.
    7. The Leaf of the Bodhi tree: Its shape is a symbol of Harmony and natural growth.
    8. Chestnut: Its leaves bring good luck if hanged during the New Yearꞌs Eve.
    9. Whitebeam: Symbol of wisdom and protection.
    10. Birch: Because of its white outer shell, it is a symbol of youth fulness, protection and happiness.
    11. Mulberry Tree: Is a symbol of patience because its flowers come to life very late on, only after the danger of frost is over.
    12. Tree of Life: Symbol of life in constant uplifting evolution, also meaning joy of living and joy of being here.

     protective forest organic by feldman

      This Collection comes in the color of the element that makes the trees come to life, the Sun Ochre.
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