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Plants Delight
Plants, often a symbol of love, hope, vitality and fertility, they are also
considered the oldest medicine ever, discovered thousands of years
ago, they were the basic materials for the first remedies.
The Plants Delight collection is a symbol of liveliness.
plants delight organic baby clothes organic by feldman

 Arnica - with bright yellow, spicy scented flowers, medicinal plant well known for anti-inflammatory properties. 

Valerian - in ancient Greece it was considered a panacea, has a calming effect and makes it easier to fall asleep.

Hazelnut - Small power-food, nutritious and tasty remedy.

Blueberries - grows on heaths, and moors and in shady forests. Blue, round, juicy and tasty. High in nutrients and antioxidants also a medicinal plant.

Elder - Elder flowers are used to help in colds and fever. Mythological meaning: the elder bush in front of houses and barns should keep lightning and witches away.

Lavender - well-known medicinal plant for relaxing and letting go. Lavender oil has a calming effect and can improve sleep.

Basswood - "the village Basswood" (placed in the center of a village) was a symbol of peace, loyalty and justice. Under the linden tree, lovers swore eternal loyalty.

Marigold - promotes wound healing and is well known for the anti-inflammatory effect. The yellow flowers are symbolically related to the sun; at sunrise the plant opens its flowers and at sunset they close.

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