Organic by Feldman is a family-run label for babies & kids apparel, with focus on meaningful design and sustainability.

 As a passionate artist and dietitian, Oana has a trained esthetic sense and always is aware of the impact of nowadays lifestyle and wellbeing. As a Mom she became even more interested in clean, natural and fair Products. Remus as industrial designer is natively thinking in terms of innovative, functional and timeless. So becoming a Dad just added to him more conscious thoughts about sustainability. All of this flows into their work, into the development of the collections.

As parents and as a team, they started a new beautiful journey in the Organic Textile Industry aiming to create pure and comfortable babies & kids clothes and accessories with subtle patterns and minimal meaningful design.

 Every product is created out of love, consciousness and parent experience.

The energy and inspiration of Organic by Feldman lies in nature, in how light gives birth to color.

Oana and Remus have lived the last 8 years in Munich, Bavaria near the Alps where also Organic by Feldman was born, and currently living in beautiful  Maramures, in the Romanian Carpathian mountains, are very excited to present you “Organic by Feldman”,  FEEL-GOOD CLOTHING, MINDFUL & CLOSE TO NATURE

Organic Cotton Baby Clothes - about - Organic by Feldman

Colors, forms and symbols influence us in our day to day life, just as light and color influences our state of being, everything has an impact on our minds and bodies.
That is why we have carefully designed our clothes with one specific thing in mind: 
the happiness and wellbeing of our children.
Behind each collection is a story that invites you to relaxation
and wellbeing and wants to convey in our everyday life, often
a hectic world, some small mindful moments ... these stories
are told by minimal motifs in natural toned colors.

For that purpose, we use nature-toned colors that reflect calmness and relaxation,
We mostly use the natural color of the untreated cotton fabric without bleaching or dying it and each cotton crop gives a unique and minimal natural tone to the fabric, so we allow the nature to design with us every season.
Babies come into this world pure and full of curiosity; they absorb everything around them. Their skin is soft and sensitive like a puffy cloud. So we have to pay attention and be very careful to what they get in touch with.
Our goal is to offer the best possible conditions for your baby’s skin to remain soft and healthy, and in the end making you both smile.
That is why they have to be as soft as possible and free of allergenic or toxic chemicals,
all things we naturally care for
We are happy to tell you that all our clothes are made from the softest cotton fabric we could find, pure 100 % Organic cotton and 100 % Organic Merino wool, GOTS certified.
With all that in mind, we brought to life Organic by Feldman - mindful clothing collection for babies, kids and parents around the world.
organic by feldman logo
The Flower of Life - the foundation of everything that exists.

Everything in the universe is built on this geometrical creation pattern 
and everything can be traced back to it.
Thank you,
Oana and Remus Feldman