Colors, forms and symbols in our day to day life influence us,
just as light influences our state of being, everything has an
impact on our minds and bodies.
Behind each collection is a story that invites you to relaxation
and wellbeing and wants to convey in our everyday life, often
a hectic world, some small mindful moments ... these stories
are told by minimal motifs in natural toned colors.
We mostly use the natural color of the untreated cotton fabric
without bleaching or dying it and each cotton crop gives a
unique and minimal natural tone to the fabric, so we allow
the nature to design with us every season.
organic by feldman logo
The Flower of Life - the foundation of everything that exists.

Everything in the universe is built on this geometrical creation pattern 
and everything can be traced back to it.
Thank you,
Oana and Remus Feldman